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Create attractive morphing effects with your pictures easy and free!
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The technique known as "morphing" allows you to deform and mix pictures of faces so that the eyes, nose, mouth etc in each image appears exactly superimposed in the mixed image. Sqirlz Morph not only allows this sort of morphing, but with this amazing application you have no restriction on how many pictures can be morphed together at the same time.

In order to create a morphing animation, you have to follow four steps:
1. Open several image files to morph between. You can open two or more image files to apply morphing technique.
2. Add Control Points to any important features on one of the images. When you add a Control Point to one image, a corresponding Control Point is automatically created in each of the other images.
3. Move the Control Points to matching positions on the other images
4. Run the morph animation.

If you just want to distort a particular image in some way without trying to combine it with other images, then Sqirlz Morph has the Warp Mode that lets you do this.

If your morph contains strong distortion of images, or a big movement across an image, you might see unwanted faint distorted bits of image around the start and finish of each morph animation cycle. Sqirlz Morph helps you to solve this problem switching off the Fixed Boundary option, and it will remove those ghosting images.

A morph animation can be run directly on screen, or saved as an AVI video clip, GIF animation or Flash movie.

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